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The Reluctant Talker – Children Who Can Talk, But Don’t… (Cancelled)

Reason for cancellation Low Numbers 
Event/course Code EY 18/061
Event/course type Workshop
Event Introduction The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework states ‘communication and language development involves giving children opportunities to experience a rich language environment; to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves; and to speak and listen in a range of situations’ (2017). This course is designed as an introduction into how practitioners can better support children who are reluctant to communicate through talk.

Through the course of the session the trainers will discuss the most suitable ways to support children who are reluctant to talk, despite parental reports that the child will talk freely at home and in other environments.

This course is run by the Hounslow and Richmond NHS Trust Preschool Speech and Language Therapy Team and is relevant for anybody working closely with preschool children and their families.
Event Content Speech, Language and Communication (SLC) skills are a fundamental part of a child’s early development as reflected in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Current research highlights the importance of early intervention with this cohort, as ongoing unsupported difficulties increase the risk of significant mental health issues later on in childhood. Consequently, the reluctant talker is at risk of not fully meeting the outcomes they are capable of if their needs are not recognised and met appropriately early on. The role of the parent in the process of gathering information and supporting the child is also considered as key to the success of any intervention.

The course will equip attendees with up-to-date information and research relating to children who are reluctant to talk including how to tell the difference between a shy child and a selective mute. Attendees will learn how to apply this new knowledge to their everyday work with young children who are reluctant to talk and includes strategies, modifying the communication environment and when to seek specialist help to enhance the outcomes for these children.

The course is delivered using a range of methods, including visual, written, and small group discussion; all incorporated to suit different learning styles. The Speech and Language team will ensure that delegates attending this training are able to take away meaningful information to inform their practice.
Event Learning Outcomes This course will support practitioners to:

• Identify reluctant talkers within their workplace
• Identify the type of reluctant talker and apply appropriate strategies to support accordingly
• Be able to complete informative and effective action plans and liaise effectively with relevant professionals so as to access additional support where appropriate
• Involve parents in the process of identification of level of need and support for the child in their setting
Trainers Georgina Brown / Vanessa Gordon
Course categories Communication Skills
Age Ranges
0 - 5 yrs No 5 - 7 yrs No 7 - 11 yrs Yes 11 - 19 yrs Yes 19 yrs Yes 
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Session 1Tuesday 14 May 201909:30 - 13:00Twickenham Training Centre, 53 Grimwood Road, TW1 1BY