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A Journey Through Complaints Using Empathy

Event/course Code EY 19/031
Event/course type Training course
Event Introduction This is a new course for 2019 in response to request both internally AfC and from our partners to help manage complaints and difficult situations.

This half day session of truly experiential learning not only identifies what empathy is, but enables those attending to ‘feel’ empathy, analyse and understand it on a deeper level. Therefore being able to understand WHY it is so important within healthcare, social care, and education systems, particularly in complaint situations, but also to enhance confidence and self-care.

The session will take empathy out of the textbook and into real life as delegates go on a journey of empathy and emotional awareness and the importance of both these things when working within challenging situations and dealing with sometimes vulnerable people in the process.
Event Content Carolyn Cleveland, the course facilitator and founder of C&C Empathy Training Ltd (CCET), has a background in psychology and counselling, and conceived her training company from her direct experience of compassionate communication failure, defensive complaints processes and challenging healthcare, inquest and education systems and processes. Carolyn takes delegates on a journey of empathic thinking in a thought provoking way.

Those attending this unique course, will have the opportunity, in a safe and supportive, experiential learning environment, to examine how we all view things differently and how our own biases and frameworks can get in the way of empathic communication and exacerbate conflict, impacting on well being.

Using CCET’s LEED Communications Programme ®, emotive real-life material, balanced with humour, will be examined and critiqued. The real authentic impact of empathy, or lack of it, will be engaged with, to authentically develop learning. This will support staff to recognise their own existing empathic attributes and build confidence in developing these further. Alongside this gaining enhanced personal awareness and self-care.

Delegates attending gain deeper insight into different perspectives and the impact of communication lacking in empathy and the impact on practice and outcomes. By engaging with an interwoven story of a serious complaint, those attending can explore beyond the obvious and start to examine the ‘Funnel of Life’ and what constitutes preventing psychological harm (Duty of Candour.)

The course content is both challenging and fun, and unique to CCET. The course facilitator Carolyn, delivers her LEED Communications Programme ®, aimed at complaints, leadership, inquests or patient safety, through conference sessions ad training days/half days to multiple healthcare organisations (NHS and private), the National Coroners Officers Training Programme, as well as other public and private sectors. Carolyn’s unique delivery style, openness and honesty, creates an authentic, as well as informative learning experience, to support delegates in their role, communication and own selfcare and resilience.
Event Learning Outcomes By the end of the session delegates will be able to :

• Recognise, analyse and explore the presence and absence of empathy, individually and culturally, developing insight of the impact of being listened to, or not.

• Define and state what empathy is in delegates own words and develop experience of seeing perspectives, and how emotional motivations underpin behaviour.

• Learn how the ‘funnel of life’, through real life examples, can impact on our empathic communication and our own resilience and how our emotions influence us, the tone we use and the impact on others.

• Critique and build confidence in a deeper appraisal of what empathy is and what it isn’t. Delegates will identify the difference between empathy, sympathy and apathy to create the optimum mindset for a personalised approach and apply it in a reasoned way.

• Work through scenarios to explore biases and judgements and be able to demonstrate how a lack of empathy has the potential to cause psychological harm as well as developing, through group work and analysis, the impact this has on practice and outcomes and personal views.
Trainers Carolyn Cleveland
Course categories Communication Skills
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Session 1Tuesday 15 October 201909:30 - 13:00King Charles Centre Surbiton, Hollyfield Road, KT5 9AL