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Supporting Practitioners Working with Affluent Families and Child Protection Concerns

Event/course Code SFVSS 21/124(3)
Event/course type Training course
Event Introduction There is currently minimal research around affluent families and the child protection system, and even less focusing on workers engaging affluent families with child neglect/protection concerns.

This half day course builds on the recent research by Professor Claudia Bernard from Goldsmiths, University of London which explored how Social Workers engaged neglectful parents from affluent backgrounds in the Child Protection System (2017).

Attendance will help practitioners to develop their understanding of this area and support future practice.

‘Child neglect is the most prevalent type of maltreatment in the UK, and is the largest category of abuse for children subject to a child protection plan (Action for Children 2014; Brandon et al. 2014a: Daniel et al. 2010; NSPCC 2014; Ofsted 2014; Taylor et al. 2012). There is strong evidence that children living in environments of deprivation and social inequalities are at higher risk for neglect than children from more privileged backgrounds (Burgess et al. 2014; Bywaters et al. 2014; Bywaters et al. 2016; Daniel et al. 2011; May-Chahal and Cawson 2005; Sidebotham et al. 2002; Sidebotham et al. 2016)’ (An Exploration of How Social Workers Engage Neglectful Parents from Affluent Backgrounds in the Child Protection System, 2018)

Please be advised that this session will take place virtually, joining instructions will be emailed 24 hours before the course date.

This training will be funded until March 2022 as a result of the funding provided by the Department for Work and Pensions to upskill the workforce in Reducing Parental Conflict. Any training accessed after March 2022 will be subject to charges for external organisations.
Event Content Most investigations around child protection concerns focus on those families who are likely to be members of lower socio-economic groups. Issues in more affluent families are generally off the radar. A child who comes to school ‘dirty’ and ‘smelly’ is easy to spot – but the child who lacks emotional attunement within a wealthy or largely absent parent is less immediately visible. Lack of immediately visible harm can flow from those parents who do not spend enough quality time with their children, pressure them to be high achievers and possibly create psychological and emotional problems for children.

The course will focus on the key themes which emerged from the data analysis of the Bernard research. These included:

• Recognising and addressing neglect
• Parents’ sense of privilege and entitlement
• Barriers to escalating concerns
• Factors that make a difference for engaging & authoritative practice

This session will be delivered by Ted Daszkiewicz, Ted has a psychology background and has worked directly with children & families for 20 years and is a member of ACAMH (Association for Child & Adolescent Mental Health).

It is useful for attending participants to have either undertaken the one day training course on working with ‘Difficult to engage with parents’ prior to or post this delivery.

Delegates that have previously attended this training have provided the following feedback:

‘Well presented training session, lots of time for questions and very interesting listening to some of the delegates talking through their experiences and challenges when dealing with affluent families. Thank you’

‘It was useful as I have an increasing number of cases of affluent families with children on child protection plans. It was good to discuss challenges net and find ways to manage these challenges’
Event Learning Outcomes By the end of the session delegates will be able to:

• Demonstrate their recognition and understanding of neglect and affluent families.
• Explore and understand how parental sense of privilege & entitlement can affect effective working relationships.
• Explain how parents can make escalating concerns more difficult.
• Identify an enhanced approach to work effectively with affluent families and child concerns within authoritative practice.
Trainers Ted Daszkiewicz
Course categories Safeguarding and Child Protection
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Session 1Friday 28 January 202209:30 - 12:30Home Study, N/A, N/A