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Working in a Political Environment (Cancelled)

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Event/course Code BSS 18/112
Event/course type Training course
Event Introduction Local Authorities have identified that there is a need for development and training for staff who work in a political environment, especially managers.

The different core beliefs and goals of the different political parties will inevitably influence and change the policies and direction of the organisation. Therefore, having a good awareness of the political environment and understanding these differences is necessary in Local Authority roles.

This full day workshop is aimed at managers who wish to understand how their roles interact with elected council Members, and learn clear steps to effectively communicate with and appropriately influence these Members.
Event Content When working within a Local Authority, having the support of elected Members is important, as they are the decision makers. Therefore, it is important to recognise the need to build good relationships with elected Members.

This course will help attendees understand the political environment in their Local Authority and the differences between the political parties. Having a good understanding of these differences will allow attendees to better understand the priorities and perspectives of elected Members. By doing so, they will be able to develop their relationship building and influencing skills by demonstrating that their interests are aligned with those of the Members.

During times of change in local government, having these skills are particularly useful to ensure the continuing progress of the organisation.

The session will also cover the interrelationship and co-dependency between politics, leadership and management; the key challenges of relationships with Members, and how to identify and manage these challenges. This will help managers to work effectively alongside elected Members.

Attendees will also learn about the key “audiences” for Members and the impact these audiences have on Member expectations, desires, aspirations and behaviour.

This workshop has been commissioned by Kingston HR service. The trainer will use a variety of teaching methods to ensure the session is interactive, practical and meets delegates’ needs.
Event Learning Outcomes As a result of attending this workshop, managers will be able to:

• Explain the key differences between various political parties in terms of values, beliefs and goals
• Identify the key “audiences” for Members
• Anticipate the likely impact of events (successes and failures)/ proposals on political leaders and thus be more skilled in appropriately influencing politicians
• Modify their behaviour in dealing with different political approaches in order to enhance their effectiveness
Trainers Learning & Development Team Kingston Hr
Course categories Business and Management Skills
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Session 1Monday 18 March 201909:30 - 16:30Guildhall - OD Training Room, Hall Road, KT1 1EU