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Continuing to Lead and Inspire

Event/course Code SFVSS 21/149
Event/course type Training course
Event Introduction The relational aspect of the leadership role has been given a new emphasis within the management and supervision of safeguarding practice. One key message has been the need for professionals responsible for providing services to vulnerable populations to move from a culture of 'compliance' to that of 'learning'.

This programme is designed for experienced managers (ideally over 3 years’ experience in a leadership role) who work in the context of a children’s organisation. It will support leaders’ knowledge of how to build capacity, especially team resilience, whilst seeking and developing innovative ways of improving outcomes of all children.

This is an intensive programme that runs over a 5 month period.

The programme consists of:

• 3 x non-consecutive days of training
• 4 x Action Learning Sets
• 1 x Coaching Sessions

Attendance is required on all elements of the training programme. Action Learning Sets and Coaching will take place on the following dates:

• Day 1 - October 6 2022
• Day 2 - November 3 2022
• Day 3 - December 1 2022
• Day 4 - January 11 2023
• Day 5 - February 8 2023
• Day 6 - March 8 2023

Please make sure that you are available on the above dates as well as all of the 3 days of training.

This course is suitable for staff within AfC as well as colleagues from partner agencies and other authorities.
Event Content In these times of unprecedented change, the need for leadership has never been as important as it is today. Faced with the constraints of austerity and budget cuts, reshaped delivery models, political alliances and community challenges, the future is uncertain. Resourcing our leaders is a key step towards securing the future success of our organisations This programme will consist of:

• a mixture of leadership workshops, each focusing upon delivering results.
• a series of facilitated Action Learning Sets which focus upon addressing leadership challenges collaboratively with peers, and
• individual coaching to address delegates' own professional development.

The participants will be challenged to integrate their key learning within the workplace. The action learning and coaching component will enable participants to ‘drill down’ to how they are creating the conditions within their teams for change to occur. Delegates are asked to use learning logs (shared with their own supervisors/managers) as one means by which they can track their learning against team and individual development plans/annual appraisals.

Day one: Leadership, resilience and COVID.

The global pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our lives, which includes our work environment. It has tested individual, team and organisational resilience and has resulted in significant changes to how we do our work. This workshop will focus upon the implications COVID has upon the leadership of children’s services, whilst providing participants with resources to navigate their way through unprecedented times.

Day 2: Modelling Partnership: Relationship-based Leadership.

For effective leadership to be developed managers must be comfortable in their ability to enhance both strategic and operational partnerships both within and out with their service. This workshop will provide participants with the means to build sound, collaborative and effective relationships, based upon relevant research. Particular emphasis will be placed upon attachment-based leadership skills and the significance of neuro-psychological research.

Day 3: Equality & Diversity: Modelling Inclusive Leadership.

The widening gaps between different sections of society focuses attention on the need to develop services that understand the legal, ethical and professional requirement to practice inclusively. This workshop will specifically focus upon the influence of the leadership role and it’s responsibilities to both promote equality and protect against discrimination.

The session will be run by Richard Swann. Richard is currently an independent social care consultant and trainer. He has worked in the social care field for the past 18 years as a practitioner, manager and trainer. He has specialised in investigative, assessment and therapeutic interventions with children and young people at risk of harm. Richard will ensure that these sessions are inclusive and valuable, regardless if you work in schools, social care or a health or early years setting. Delegates are expected to attend both sessions.

Delegates who previously attended this training have provided the following feedback:

“I think it will make a positive difference to my team and ultimately have a positive impact on the work completed with children and families. The course made me think about the type of leader I am and the type of leader I want to be and possible changes I need to make to achieve this.”

“Richard is a very knowledgeable and confident trainer”
Event Learning Outcomes Following this course delegates will be able to:

Day 1
• Measure their own responsiveness to evidence-based practice.
• Develop strategies to promote professional curiosity within your team.
• Gain strategic support for evidenced-based practice.
• Demonstrate how to model evidence based practice in your leadership role.
• Utilise practical steps to measure and develop your team’s EBP.

Day 2
• Articulate the centrality of relationship-based cultures in the helping professions.
• Develop and demonstrate a clear understanding of the relevant research regarding relationship based leadership.
• Rehearse relationship-based approaches to key leadership dilemmas.

Day 3
• Define what is meant by equality and diversity in a modern children’s workforce.
• Demonstrate understanding of legal, ethical and professional responsibilities.
• Positively promote equality and diversity through inclusive leadership.
• Audit their team’s readiness to promote equality and diversity.
• Identify and make tangible connections between leadership, team cohesion and a drive towards excellence.
Trainers Richard Swann
Course categories Leadership and Management
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SessionSession DateSession TimeSession VenueMap
Session 1Thursday 29 September 202209:30 - 16:30Twickenham Training Centre, 53 Grimwood Road, TW1 1BY
Session 2Wednesday 19 October 202209:30 - 16:30Twickenham Training Centre, 53 Grimwood Road, TW1 1BY
Session 3Wednesday 16 November 202209:30 - 16:30Twickenham Training Centre, 53 Grimwood Road, TW1 1BY