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Attachment: Use in Assessment - Level 3 (Cancelled)

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Event/course Code EDU 20/798
Event/course type Training course
Event Introduction This series of three courses will focus upon how an improved understanding of attachment strategies can inform work with children, young people and families, and offer an additional lens through which to attempt to understand their behaviour in the home, in placements, and in educational settings. The courses will also introduce ideas of how workers and carers for vulnerable children and young people can adapt their ways of working in order to promote best outcomes for the children.

This course follows on from Attachment: Impact on Practice- Level 2. It is aimed at professionals working with children and young people who have a good understanding of attachment and are looking to develop this knowledge. This course will look at the ways in which attachment strategies can be expressed in conversation and communication,and how to incorporate attachment observations into assessments.
Event Content Attachment theory is concerned with how human beings unconsciously adopt self-protective strategies within relationships at times of perceived threat. Our attachment system enables us to maximise the availability of comfort, safety, proximity and predictability.
This session will include:
• Reviewing more examples of video clips of babies and infants showing Type A, B and C attachment strategies, in order to reinforce and develop further understanding.
• Learning more about how adults and young people may express attachment strategies in their speech patterns when talking about attachment topics.
• Exploring specific methods of asking questions about attachment experiences, as used in the Adult Attachment Interview, which probe different memory systems in order to improve assessments and information gathering.
• Use of audio case studies to illustrate the A, B and C strategies being depicted in speech patterns, along with useful interview strategies to use in response to different attachment patterns,
• Introducing the LEARN model (Baim and Morrison) - a guide for conducting helping interviews in a way which supports the speaker to develop a more coherent and integrated story about their life and their development.
• Considering how to carefully word observations of attachment behaviours and speech patterns in assessments and formal documentation so that they are accurate and useful.

This training is delivered by Lydia Guthrie, who has studied extensively in Attachment Theory. Lydia Guthrie completed an MSc in Attachment Theory (Distinction) in 2015 at Roehampton University, and has been trained in the Strange Situation Procedure and the Adult Attachment Interview and the Care Index.
Lydia Guthrie has extensive experience of delivering training events in attachment theory and attachment based practice, across the UK and internationally. She has designed and delivered events for very diverse audiences of professionals from a range of disciplines (mental health, social work, criminal justice, health, education, early years intervention hubs, etc) and for people working directly with vulnerable children, young people and adults. She is a qualified social worker, and is in training as a systemic psychotherapist/family therapist.
Delegates that have previously attended this provided the following feedback:

‘Absolutely fantastic and the trainer is so knowledgeable and wonderful at explaining. She really cares and is passionate about this course and it shows. I’ve embraced this course and recommend it to everyone’

‘Great ways to think differently about young people and the attachment strategies they use so you can work with these and modify how you react’
Event Learning Outcomes At the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

• Recognise some patterns of speech associated with the A, B and C strategies, and describe they way in which they function within the strategy.
• Develop skills for asking questions about attachment experiences in ways which will promote the sharing of useful information.
• Describe the stages of the LEARN model for promoting narrative integration, and how it could be applied in their practice.
• Develop skills for carefully wording observations about attachment strategies in reports and assessments.
Trainers Lydia Guthrie
Course categories Wellbeing at Work
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Session 1Tuesday 15 June 202109:30 - 16:30Twickenham Training Centre, 53 Grimwood Road, TW1 1BY