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Fathers Perinatal Mental Health

Event/course Code SFVSS 21/234(3)
Event/course type Workshop
Event Introduction Over several decades one of the key issues that is consistently highlighted in serious case reviews (see Brandon et al (2013), Neglect and Serious Case Reviews; Ofsted: Ages of Concern – Learning Lessons from Serious Case Reviews (2011)) and academic research is the failure to effectively and systematically engage with and assess fathers and other men as a potential risk or resource for children. This is a well-recognised systemic and cultural issue, which is rooted in the understandings of men and fatherhood prevalent within social care systems, and in social care systems’ responses. Despite the fact that this is repeatedly and regularly highlighted there is little evidence that this concern has been effectively addressed. This means that children are frequently put at greater risk of harm because the behaviour of risky men is not sufficiently understood and engaged with, and because men who could offer positive care for at-risk children are not effectively identified, assessed and supported. There is also clear evidence that failure to engage well with men often leads to
an inappropriate burden being placed on vulnerable mothers to protect and care for children.

This seminar is the first in a series of seven focusing on working with fathers to safeguard children. Titles for all seminars are as follows:
1. What we think about fathers (and why we might think that)
2. Working with Couple and Parental Dynamics
3. Fathers Impact on Child Development
4. Fathers Perinatal Mental Health
5. Working with Young Fathers
6. Whose Reality Counts? – Working in Partnership with Fathers
7. Roundtable for Managers: Supporting Staff Through Supportive Systems

Please be advised that this session will take place virtually, joining instructions will be emailed 24 hours before the course date.

This training as a result of the funding provided by the Department for Work and Pensions to upskill the workforce in Reducing Parental Conflict.
Event Content The role of the father, and what we believe they are and do, sits within complex, and often competing, frameworks and discourse around gender equality, public policy, masculinity and social and cultural norms, and as the role of the father in families has changed over time (and so has our understanding of his influence) , public policy and the offer to families has failed to ‘catch up’ or represent the realities of family life. This seminar will unpick where we gain our beliefs and assumptions of fatherhood from, how true they might be and how we can quickly address them.

These seminars will be delivered by The Fatherhood Institute, which is one of the most respected fatherhood organisations in the world. A registered UK charity (number 1075104), their work focuses on policy, research and practice. They have 20 years of experience in training and supporting Early Years and Family Services to engage and include fathers “Projects reported difficulty in engaging with dads, with men tending to see relationships as more of a private matter and being more likely to respond to practical rather than emotional support” Reducing Parental Conflict Challenge Fund: learning from the first phase Published 6 April 2021.

The Fatherhood Institute have developed a range of workshops and interventions to support the delivery of Reducing Parental Conflict programmes. Built on strong evidence base and informed by our wide understanding of ‘what works’, these development offers can help with the successful delivery of support to families.

Each seminar will last be presented online and last 2.5 hours, and will include presentations, large and small group work and Q&A opportunities. Each participant will receive post-course resources to support them to continue their thinking and develop their practice.
Event Learning Outcomes The seminars are aimed at a multi agency audience and are delegates are encouraged to:

• Understand the research and evidence base around fathers and families
• Explore personal bias and defaults when working with fathers
• Recognise where change is required and begin to develop inclusive strategies
• Explore intersectionality within fatherhood, including ethnicity, sexuality and culture
• Develop practitioner/manager skills and confidence; and
• Embed a culture that mainstreams engaging with fathers and other men.
Trainers Jeszemma Howl
Course categories Safeguarding and Child Protection
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